Sabino Recovery is a treatment center that offers clinical and therapeutic services to their residents. They sought informational videos that efficiently explained their complex psychotherapy modalities. Including Neuropathic Approaches, QEEG Brain Mapping, Integrative Medicine, and Equine therapies. Sabino Recovery also needed alumni testimonials to introduce potential residents to their programs.  



LMarketing held a production shoot to interview multiple former residents speaking on behalf of their personal experiences while in treatment and staff explaining treatment options. 




Alumni Interviews covered an array of topics to assist prospective residents with their treatment research including: personal stories, recovery costs, modalities available, and decisions in going to Sabino Recovery. 


Using brief staff explainer videos we aimed to cover Sabino Recoveries multifaceted treatment services and facility. These videos broke down advanced naturopathic medical practices and made it easier for those looking into treatment centers to understand their therapeutic options.


⇥ Alumni testimonial videos


⇥ Staff interview videos


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