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Retreat in Eastern Zimbabwe at the Leopard Rock Hotel

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

The highly desired vacation destination, Leopard Rock Hotel sits atop the Bvumba Mountains overlooking Burma Valley, the small Himalaya Mountains and the Chimanimani Mountains.

The serene getaway is located in Vumba about 30 km from Zimbabwe’s fourth largest city of Mutare, Zimbabwe. The hotel is well-connected to local transportation and will assure you easily arrive to the hotel. The scenic drive through the Savannah Woodlands up to the hotel is filled with towering trees. Upon arrival you enter through a secured gate and follow along the golf course drive. The gorgeous pink hotel is in the forefront. The hotel staff are warmly ready to greet you and attend to all your needs as you get settled. The hotel lobby is picturesque with its elegant chandelier, modern decor, and open design that looks into the Bunga Forest Botanical Reserve.


The rooms are spacious, comfortable, and decorated in a French Chateau style . A majority of the rooms on the front side of the hotel overlook the Mozambique border, golf course, and lush property. There is a writing desk, armoire for storing clothing, and additional lounging chairs. The WiFi connection is speedy compared to other locations in Zimbabwe. The connection allows a traveling professional to complete work, stream or upload pictures. Located throughout the hotel are quiet lounges to relax, drink tea or do work in.


One may choose to be seating in or outdoors for their meals provided by the La Roche Restaurant. The a la carte menu is a great mix of high-end dishes and traditional

Zimbabwean foods, while providing the foreign originals like chips and burgers. The menu offers international travelers a variety of meals to choose from during breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each meal was offered at flexible serving hours for one to stop-in when they were hungry. The meals are served by friendly restaurant staff who are attentive and accommodating to food and drink preferences. The dinner is followed by your choice of a decadent dessert.


Leopard Rock Hotel is a getaway that encompasses many personalized activities for all travelers and their family’s needs. One can choose from a list of guided tours from day hikes through the Bunga Forest Botanical Reserve or choose a lite stroll along the castle or game parks. A complimentary tour guide is assigned to you to assist in exploring the surrounding hotel property. One can choose to hit the casio, play tennis, birdwatch, feed the game animals or lounge by the pool.

Castle Tour

Benny Katsika provided a detailed tour of the nearby castle that used to house the Seymour-Smith family and is known for Queen Elizabeth’s stay in 1950’s. He opened up the fully-operating castle rooms, which gave me the time to peak around take time to photograph. The top floor of the castle was open to those who would like to enjoy a drink at overlooking the sunset in the afternoon. Benny as well as the other guides let their guests take lead of the tour and spend time in their areas of most interest.

Safari Tour

Before sunset is feeding time for the animals, where guests are welcomed to partake in the feeding encounter or to view from an above seating treehouse. Families were given animal feed to toss to the zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, ostriches, monkeys, impalas, baboons, and elands. All the animals were tame and open to having visitors, especially those who hand fed the food. The guides were knowledgeable about the animals and knew where to sight them in the park. They were safely hands-off in allowing guests to get an up-close encounter or picture with any animal they desired. If one desired, they had the ability to venture on their own by car or foot along the game trail. A plus was the park was open for one’s own exploring and time with the animals. Guests were not restricted by limited park or tour times. There was a sense of freedom to roam the park as one wished.


The internationally known 18 hole Leopard Rock Golf Course is laid out surrounding the hotel and game park. The course is a memorable one with its well-kept green with extraordinary swinging sights. Golfing rates are affordable ranging from $5 for a junior to $40 for a visiting golfer. It is an impressive place to stay and play.


Leopard Rock Hotel was unique in its open-to-explore landscape and easy-going activities. Guests are able to schedule tours to meet their family’s timelines or take a laid back approach on their own time to navigating the open property. This allows time for guests to freely eat, swim, golf, adventure or play during their stay at the Leopard Rock Hotel. The grand area also serves as a great event location for a wedding venue or work retreat.

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