Originally selling their first line of products in stores and through wholesalers, Mikel Kristi sought to expand by rebranding and delving into e-commerce sales. Product packaging, branding and colors were implemented, which lead to needing updated website content. Due to the re-packing update, all social media accounts and their prior website had outdated materials, therefore needing new pictures and videos to be uploaded. Mikel Kristi desired increased online exposure from those who purchase natural skincare products.   



LMarketing researched skincare competitors and made marketing strategies to make Mikel Kristi e-commerce ready. LMarketing attended product trainings to throughly understand complex formulations in order to market appropriately. Current customers offered feedback and reviews of products to get a detailed look at who the target market was and what made them choose Mikel Kristi skincare. 




A content creation spree started with video shoots to educate buyers about skincare, how-to-use, and lifestyle sets to engage viewers. Regularly connecting new blog posts with thoughtful Instagram TV (IGTV) captures and posts. Social media posts were promoted to target luxury skincare consumers. Each product was photographed individually to sell online in each marketplace (Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Google). Mikelkristi.com was updated with new high-quality content including: consumers using the products, the owner, demonstrations, and consistency videos.           


⇥ Social media content creation


⇥ Shopify product photos and videos

⇥ Website content

⇥  Paid Instagram & Facebook advertisements 

⇥ TripAdvisor account with customer reviews 

⇥ Tradeshow materials  

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